Patch Size

Patch size effects far more than price and the amount of space it takes on the garment. For example, the larger the patch the more embroidered subject matter it may contain. And, that can effect the immediate ability of the patch to communicate to others what it represents. It can also effect the ability of the patch to function as memorabilia and help the recipient conjure those memories and the nostalgia that accompanies them.

Patch size is determined by the average of the maximum height and the maximum width. In other words, the size is the height added to the width and that result divided by two. Here’s an example.

Patch dimensions: max height = 4″ max width = 2″
Size = (4″+2″)/2 = (6″)/2 = 3″

We are often asked what size patch we should make for a given event. And, the answer to that question usually has something to do with the importance of the activity to those who will receive the patch. So, given that there is no standard rule to follow, here are some guidelines which seem to be deemed appropriate by many of our customers.
•3.5 inch – organization-wide & anniversaries
• 3 inch – for the most important annual events (weekend campouts, etc)
• 2.5 inch – for in-between events (1 day events, field trips, etc)
•2.0 inch – for smallest events (a few hours to a sleepover)
It’s important to remember that the above criteria are just general guidelines which should be combined with other factors when considering the size of the final patch product. A good rule to follow is: The size of the patch should be in proportion to how memorable the event is.

Note: The size of the patch shown at the top of this post is 8 inches.

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