Patch Shape Matters

When dreaming up ideas for patches, most people consider the patch shape for aesthetic reasons while only a few consider shape for content reasons. In fact, we’re often told we should try to make the shape of the patch interesting because squares and rectangles are just too common or boring and not sufficiently creative. Here’s why patch shape is an important consideration which can determine how much value a customer …

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Patch Size

Patch size effects far more than price and the amount of space it takes on the garment. For example, the larger the patch the more embroidered subject matter it may contain. And, that can effect the immediate ability of the patch to communicate to others what it represents. It can also effect the ability of the patch to function as memorabilia and help the recipient conjure those memories and the …

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appreciation patches

Pandemic Honor

Pandemic Frontline Worker Honor Patches Hopefully, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic will soon be behind us, making this the perfect time to express your appreciation to those frontline workers with an appropriate pandemic frontline worker honor patch. To make that easy for you, we’ve reduced the price of our Covid appreciation patches to less than one dollar; a super price for a 3.5 inch patch with 95% embroidery and iron-on backing. …

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patch buying online

Patch Buying Tips

Planning on buying some stock patches? Haven’t got enough people for a custom patch? Here are some patch buying tips to ensure you get the best stock (not custom) patch for your activity for the best price in the best time. Get an early startThis is the golden rule of planning almost any activity. Time can be your best ally or your worst enemy where deadlines are concerned. Start early …

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saving money

Saving Money

Here’s a simple way to avoid a common mistake and maybe save money when buying patches or any product which is sold with tiered or bracketed pricing (quantity discounts). We’ll illustrate this mistake with a short example as follows. Suzy needed 170 patches for her event. She found a patch company online and their prices were as follows. $1.00 for quantities from 100 to 199 and $0.75 for quantities from …

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