Q1: Do you have a catalog?

A1: We do not offer a paper catalog but we do offer this website. A website can keep you up to date from day to day, give you an easy way to communicate with us, ask questions, etc. and is as close as your computer or smart phone. Paper catalogs can be out of date before they're off the press.


Q2: Can we return unused patches?

A2: Yes, they can be returned for credit within 30 days of the original order. However, they must be shipped to us with tracking and insurance and the customer pays the return freight.


Q3: Do I need an account?

A3: No, accounts are not required. However, they can be helpful to retailers and repeat customers. They allow for tracking orders and account balances, maintaining wishlists you can email to co-leaders or girls, marking patches as favorites to avoid having to search for them again, storing multiple delivery addresses (home, office, etc), and much more.


Q4: Do you ship to customers outside the US?

A4: Yes, but only to domestic zip codes. Shipments outside the US must be to APO/FPO/DPO addresses (USPS only) or to domestic proxies.


Q5 Do you make customized or modified patches?

A5: Yes. However, this website is for stock patches only. For custom patches or modified versions of our stock patches, please call our art department at 1-888-728-2426 (9-5 Pacific time).


Q6: Do you have "iron on" patches?

A6: No.  "Iron on" is a misnomer. Heat seal fusible adhesives are made for applications where time, temperature, and pressure can be precisely controlled to ensure proper adhesion. However, there is no patch backing which will ensure proper long-term adhesion when applied by consumers with household irons. We provide plastic backs on all of our patches and recommend sewing to ensure optimal adhesion and a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Q7: Do I have to pay full freight if I order just one patch?

A7: No. Very small quantity orders ( a few patches) should be placed by phone so we can process them manually. The website cannot know what the postage is for a variety of patches of different sizes and weights in small quantities. So, very smally quantity orders should be placed by phone.




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